Lighting up issues that matter

Our Story

Stories are all around us – but only a few make it into the light. Full Beam brings awareness to issues that matter, engaging audiences with precision.

That means illuminating data insight, proven campaign strategy, honed and tested messaging, and delivery across platforms.

Full Beam: See the way forward.

What We Do

Full Beam Media is an independent campaigning organisation relying on charitable funding.

Our campaigns tell compelling stories about important issues such as climate change, energy transition and sustainable development.

We help audiences around the world engage with these issues to create positive change.

How We Work

1. Audience insight

Understanding how audiences engage with our issue.

2. Message testing

Uncovering audience responses to messages, and understanding what’s important for them.

3. Campaign strategy

Using data and experience to build a theory of change.

4. Integrated digital campaigns

Partnering with leading creative agencies and talent to engage and activate our audiences.

5. Data, analytics and evaluation

Measuring the impact of our campaigns.

Our People

Ivan Cheung is the Executive Director of Full Beam Media. He brings a background in political and digital campaigning with a range of purpose-driven organisations.

Past Campaigns

Full Beam Media is now working on some of its first exciting campaigns. Please check back later for details.

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